Lunch Series

As a Harvard undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral student, you can attend lunches with Harvard faculty members and visiting lecturers.

  • At Meet the Academic Lunches, you have substantive discussions with leading faculty couples in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences about career choices they have made, challenges they have faced, and lessons they have learned about balancing work and family.


Sven Beckert, Laird Bell Professor of American History, Harvard University 
Lisa McGirr, Professor of History, Harvard University

  • At Meet the Lecturer Lunches, you meet on campus with visiting lecturers—the vice president of Malawi, the head of documentary filmmaking at the Sundance Institute, a Canadian Supreme Court justice, renowned scientists, and best-selling novelists—for intimate discussions about work in their field. 

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Student Poster Sessions

Our symposia often feature poster sessions that display research and projects created by undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students, as well as practitioners.

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Radcliffe Institute Visiting Scholars Program

Limited funds are available to bring to campus researchers, scientists, practitioners, and artists whose presence for a limited period of time will enrich intellectual activities and cross-disciplinary research associated with programming at the Institute. Invitations to visiting scholars must be sponsored by an Academic Ventures faculty member or a Radcliffe Institute Fellow. 

To learn more about our Visiting Scholars Program, contact Rebecca Wassarman at