Message From Lizabeth Cohen, Dean

Photo by Kathleen DooherPhoto by Kathleen DooherThe world’s leading scholars and artists need protected time, space, and resources to develop original work, take big risks, pursue unusual collaborations, and experiment with new approaches. The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study provides just that.

We invest in the future of ideas—and in the ideas of the future.

We recognize that most professors, scientists, writers, and artists teach classes, mentor students, serve on committees, supervise research, and meet publishing deadlines. These important obligations leave little time for the deep, imaginative thinking that is necessary to address the complex societal and intellectual challenges we face.

As Harvard’s institute for advanced study, the Radcliffe Institute helps advanced thinkers at all levels—whether Pulitzer Prize–winning authors, MacArthur grant recipients, distinguished professors, celebrated filmmakers, graduate students, or even undergraduates—pursue big ideas. Their unencumbered explorations lead to original research, groundbreaking books, important public policy recommendations, scientific discoveries, bold artistic work, and new technologies.

Opportunities to pursue curiosity-driven exploration are in ever greater demand. At this point, the demand cannot be met. Each year we say “no” to excellent applicants who seek fellowships, high-level faculty seminars, and library research grants. We say “no” to people on the verge of major discoveries who need the time and resources to move from proposals to projects and partnerships.

With your assistance and a successful Radcliffe Campaign, we will be able to say “yes” more often to accomplished individuals who require and deserve the opportunity to advance their work and expand knowledge. Together, we will support the creation of new ideas and share them with global audiences to change how we think, act, and understand our world.

Lizabeth Cohen
Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies
Department of History
Harvard University

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