Native American Indigenous Studies/Ethnography/Ethnobotany

Research for my project will be used to identify themes, collaborators, and cast members for the development of a performance that explores the great legacy of thoughts, dreams, myths, ideas, inspirations, and intuitions which animated central plains culture before European domination.

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Bad Girl

GBLTQ Studies/Women and Gender Studies/Creative Writing

The project is a novel about a young woman coming of age in a conservative Catholic environment. The protagonist is gay, possibly transgender. The categories are unclear to her, and to me.

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Brain Rewards, Plasticity, and Consumption: The Neurobiology of Sustainable Behavior

Neuroscience/Psychology/Economics/Environmental Science/Evolutionary Biology/Child Development/Sociology/Public Health/Medicine

There are three specific aims of this project. The first (and most extensive) is to conduct a broad literature search, looking for intersection of the main questions about what evidence exists, from various fields, for a role for brain reward mechanisms in behavior affecting the environment.

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The research partner would work on the production of my film, including research about the subject matter of Unrest, some casting, and shooting and editing.

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Understanding the Universe

Cosmology/Physics/Statistics/Computer Science

We wish to use the most recent publicly available data on the cosmos (in particular the Planck satellite) to understand the nature of the origin of the universe (the energy scale of inflation). To do this it is necessary to develop (statistical) tools to confront data with theory.

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A Fearful Symmetry

Poetry/New Media

“A Fearful Symmetry” uses the typewritten correspondence between filmmaker Hollis Frampton and poet Ezra Pound (1956–1958) as the basis for a digitally animated epistolary poem that enacts a complex drama of a modernist discipleship gone awry.

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Colonialism in Global Perspective


I am working on a book that introduces students to major themes in the study of colonialism. Chapters focus on settler colonialism, race and capitalism, Orientalism, gender and patriarchy, and liberal imperialism. The book uses case studies from across the colonial world.

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Milla + Installation


Milla will be my second feature film. The film deals with teenage motherhood and is set in the north of France. The main work remaining is editing, and the research partner would function as an assistant editor.

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Qāḍī Justice


I am looking for one or more research partners who will help categorize and translate decisions from early Islamic courts that we identify together, and help plan a conference/workshop around it.

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Film Studies/Visual and Environmental Studies

I am looking for two research partners to assist me in script research, as well as Boston-area scientific community outreach, especially in the fields of robotics, planetary science, and nano-medicine.

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