Fire, Next Time


The project is the script writing of Fire, Next Time, a feature film about the sacrificed youth of the 2000s, taking place today in Dakar. Ada is a teenage girl working as a hairdresser. In her neighborhood, all of the boys have left by sea for a better future.

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Untitled Work


This project is a series of pieces of media criticism. I am interested in collecting information on how mainstream media covers historically underprivileged groups. I aim to collect data on certain trends in language and space allocation.

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This project is a novel in progress. Hippocrates is set in Sri Lanka and New York. The story begins in the 1970s and ends in 2009, and includes material connected to militancy, mass casualties, political theatre, activism, feminism, medicine, and international/humanitarian law.

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Nacre as a Paleothermometer


Nacre, or mother-of-pearl, is the iridescent inner lining of many mollusk shells. The micro-structure of nacre may depend on the water temperature at the time nacre was deposited. We will do experiments to test this hypothesis.

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The Thousands (A Novel)


My research project is a novel titled “The Thousands.” The novel chronicles the lives of several African American soldiers (eventually known as “Buffalo Soldiers”) following the Civil War, through the violence of Reconstruction and into the "Indian Campaigns" in the Americ

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Musical Acoustics and Aesthetics

Music/History of Science/Math/Physics

I am interested in the intersection of music and sound. Physicists often have a different approach to sound than musicians, and I am exploring points of contact and divergences. Timbre (sound color) plays a big role in my work, as do (quirky) musical instruments.

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The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers


Please note: This research partnership opportunity begins in January 2015. The project is a film that revolves around different forms of storytelling. As its backbone, it will be a film about a film being made in Morocco.

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