The Laws and Politics of Markets: A Study of the Transformation of Food in India


The two primary tasks for the research partner are 1) researching and summarizing relevant articles and empirical studies and 2) helping me analyze and code qualitative interviews.

Especially when I am doing broad field reading, I very much enjoy the chance to brainstorm ideas and tackle new literatures with the help of a creative, determined student. I equally appreciate fresh, removed eyes to help me think through my own data and arguments. This project in particular requires a great deal of multidisciplinary research.

I take a very strong interest in the scholarly and career aspirations of my research assistants and try to tailor assignments in ways that will benefit them. For some of my law students this means designing a writing project that I comment on and that they can then use as a writing sample. For others, we have developed side projects that students can turn into the basis of their own seminar papers. Often my mentorship is informal: helping students become more familiar and agile with particular research databases or talking about course selection and job opportunities. In this case, I would be happy to work with an undergraduate who thinks she or he might be interested in law school. I would be delighted also to work with undergraduate student(s) majoring in South Asian studies, economics, and/or anthropology.