In the summer, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study welcomes back past Radcliffe fellows to the Institute. Each summer fellow is provided with workspace and Harvard Library system privileges. In June and July, they may connect with fellows of various cohorts and with other colleagues in the Cambridge-Boston area. While the pace is slower in the summer than during the academic year, fellows have the opportunity to present their work at informal lunchtime seminars.

2014 Summer Fellows

Marina Belozerskaya

Summer 2014
Renaissance Alchemy (A Novel)

A young woman alchemist is seeking to find a cure for syphilis and carve out her independence while navigating the politics and intrigues of 16th-century Rome around the Vatican.

Martha Buskirk

Summer 2014
Intersecting Realms: Art, Law, and Authorship
Art History and Criticism

Using specific conflicts as case studies, this research examines the interface between art world practices and legal codification to reveal both actual modus operandi and underlying assumptions. The potential mismatch between intersecting systems (evident in the paradox when judges trained in the nuances of law are asked to rule on issues relating to artistic discernment) highlights social and cultural expectations evident in both unwritten art world codes and attempts to legislate aspects of the aesthetic realm.

Cristina Maria Cervone

Summer 2014
Vernacular Poetics of Metaphor: Middle English and the Corporate Subject
Literature/Medieval Studies

In the late 14th century, when English writers increasingly selected Middle English over Anglo-French and Latin for thought experiments, metaphor was an important element in—perhaps even vital to—the vernacular’s emerging qualities. I examine a metaphor vibrantly productive in medieval thought: the body representing individuality within unity, or “each of us” and “all of us” (“body politic”; “body of Christ”). While English vernacularity has been much discussed, my claim that metaphor plays a role in English’s development is new. Is metaphor fundamental to thought? Medieval practice suggests perhaps so.

Nancy J. Chodorow

Summer 2014
Toward an American Independent Tradition
Psychoanalytic Theory /Psychoanalytic Sociology

I am working on a book of essays on psychoanalytic theory to be titled “Toward an American Independent Tradition.” Several chapters in process have been published in earlier form in refereed psychoanalytic and academic journals. Those that need most development are those tying the book back to my original fields of psychoanalytic social theory and social theory more generally.

Tamar Diesendruck

Summer 2014
Variant Scenarios
Music Composition

Work for Orchestral Winds, Percussion, Piano, and Harp

Emily Iuliano Dolan

Summer 2014
Instruments and Order

My project, “Instruments and Order,” explores the changing ideas of musical instrumentality in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Susanne Freidberg

Summer 2014
Food’s Footprint and the Governance of Global Supply Chains

This project examines how corporate food retailers and manufacturers are using life cycle, “farm-to-fork” measures of environmental impact to assess and attempt to improve the sustainability of their products. I am especially interested in the debates and tensions surrounding questions of who defines what counts as improvement, who is responsible for it, and who benefits.

Erin Gee

Summer 2014
New String Quartet for the Arditti Quartet, Musikprotkoll Festival, Graz, Austria
Music Composition

I will be composing a 10-minute string quartet for the Arditti Quartet, to be premiered at the Musikprotokoll Festival in Graz, Austria on October 10, 2014.

Nance Goldstein

Summer 2014
Preparing Manager Leaders for the Challenges of Healthcare
Leadership/Healthcare Reform and Improvement

Organizations fail to prepare and support managers despite their crucial roles in organizational success. Most new managers fail because they don’t know how to lead people. This project creates a manager-leader program that reflects current research on ways people learn and new demands on leadership in healthcare and other complex settings. It "flips" current “manager development” approaches to get compelling successes from new managers.

Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz

Summer 2014
A Taste for Provence
American Studies

Written from primary sources and informed by scholarship, the study pivots on Provence's 1970s transformation in the American imagination from a travel destination, known by a few for its Roman ruins and medieval churches, to an Eden for personal restoration amid the bounty gathered from outdoor markets and savored in rented houses in the sun.

Hauwa Ibrahim

Summer 2014
Humanizing Shariah: The Human Face of a Legal Practice

The fundamental premise of my book project is that regardless of one’s beliefs, convictions, and ideology, we can all unite around our common humanity and desire for justice and fairness. Behind the idea of the book lies a belief that there exists a common thread—an understanding for and appreciation of the values we all share. The existence of this common thread is not only possible, but indispensable.

Gene Andrew Jarrett

Summer 2014
Paul Laurence Dunbar: The First African American Poet Laureate
Biography/Literary History/African American Studies

I am writing a definitive biography of the literature, life, and times of Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872–1906), the first African American author born after slavery to become an international phenomenon.

Hyun kyung Kim

Summer 2014
Special Annie
Documentary Filmmaking

A lonely Korean filmmaker gets to know by chance an American woman called Annie, who has AIDS and used to be a bank robber, a prostitute, and a drug addict. These two women at odds begin to share their solitary times and become friends.

Ilana Lowy

Summer 2014
History of Prenatal Diagnosis
History of Medicine

I am looking at the history of inborn malformations and the development of methods—amniocentesis, ultrasonogram, and serum tests—that can predict the birth of an affected child.

Eun Kyung Min

Summer 2014
China and the Writing of English Literary Modernity
English Literature (18th Century)

I am finishing a book project on the relationship between China and 18th-century English literature.

Andrea R. Nahmod

Summer 2014
Wave Turbulence and Non-equilibrium Invariant Measures for Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
Nonlinear Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (Mathematics)

Wave turbulence theory seeks to obtain a statistical description of the out-of-equilibrium dynamics for nonlinear dispersive equations. The main quantity of interest in wave turbulence theory is the wave spectrum or mass-density which satisfy the Kolmogorov-Zakharov (KZ) equations. The KZ spectra should correspond to invariant measures with positive/negative “entropy production” when we force systems at low frequencies and damp them at high frequencies (forward cascade).

As a first attempt at this, we will try to construct non-equilibrium invariant measures for some finite resonant nonlinear Schrodinger equation that correspond to positive energy fluxes.

Priya Natarajan

Summer 2014
Mapping Dark Matter in the HST Frontier Fields

I plan to work on mapping dark matter in the HST Frontier Fields from gravitational lensing data. The Frontier Fields are the deepest ever images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of 4 galaxy clusters in the Universe. The distorted images of background galaxies behind these massive clusters will be used to derive the detailed distribution of dark matter in these extremely over-dense regions in the Universe.

Mignon Nixon

Summer 2014
Sperm Bomb: Art, Feminism, and the American War in Vietnam
Art History

This is a book about art, sex, and war—more specifically the responses of six feminist artists to the American war in Vietnam.

Carole Perry

Summer 2014
Studies of Abiotic Biotic Interfaces

This will be a continuation of my project started in 2012–2013, and I will be working with collaborators to complete studies on silk folding and peptide interactions with mineral surfaces.

David Redmon

Summer 2014
Untitled Video Ethnography Book
Audiovisual Ethnography/Nonfiction

This project examines contemporary video ethnographies, including Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab, along with several other contemporary participatory ethnographic projects.

Tova Reich

Summer 2014
Novel—working title MamaMayaMina

Novel set mostly in India

Brenda Shaughnessy

Summer 2014
Feminist Pedagogies in Poetry/Rutgers at Radcliffe

“Anger and Other Hungers: Feminism and Poetry” and “Prayer, Performance, Pain: Poetry and the Supernarratives” are two essays-in-progress concerned with feminist pedagogies in poetry, and how feminism shaped or changed learning, teaching, and writing styles or subject matter of 19th- and 20th-century women poets.

Andrew Strominger

Summer 2014
Soft Theorems
Theoretical Physics

I am understanding the relation between soft theorems in perturbative scattering amplitudes and asymptotic symmetries in Minkowksi space. This connects two areas of research in physics which have been extensively developed over the last 50 years.

Z. Jane Wang

Summer 2014
Music of Falling Paper
Art and Science

I will try to create a short performance/installation piece on “Music of Falling Paper.” It will include live interactions between falling paper, music, and poetry.

Guoqi Xu

Summer 2014
Asia and the Great War

This project studies shared experiences of World War I among China, Japan, India, and Vietnam. It will pay special attention to their responses to the war and war's impact on them.