Janet Yellen Talks Policy and Inequality at Radcliffe Day Celebration

Inequality—in wealth, race, gender, domestically, and across the globe—weighed heavily in the minds of this year’s Commencement speakers.

It seemed fitting that the week’s activities concluded with the Institute honoring Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, the recipient of this year’s Radcliffe Medal, and one of today’s most publicly vocal advocates of shared prosperity. More

Prosperity and Equality

In a populist presidential election year pervaded by economic discontents—lagging middle-class incomes, rising inequality, and the purported workforce displacements caused by immigrants, globalization, and free-trade agreements—this year's Radcliffe Day panelists addressed the issues head-on. More

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“Next year’s fellowship class has an amazing reach and diversity, both topically and geographically,” said Dean Lizabeth Cohen. More

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