Photo by Stephanie MitchellPhoto by Stephanie Mitchell

Seizing Power From Below

Linda Gordon, an award-winning author and historian, is working on a book about social movements of the 20th century while she's a fellow at Harvard's Radcliffe Institute.

Photo by Stephanie MitchellPhoto by Stephanie Mitchell

A Rich Artistic Stew

Composer Hans Tutschku, Harvard's Fanny P. Mason Professor of Music and director of Harvard's Studio for Electroacoustic Composition, is indulging his fascination with the visual arts in a new exhibit as part of his Radcliffe fellowship.

Photo by Stephanie MitchellPhoto by Stephanie Mitchell

Wearing Technology

Sleep, epilepsy, and depression might all someday be better understood through wearable sensors, said MIT's Rosalind Picard in a Radcliffe Institute talk.

Photo by Kris SnibbePhoto by Kris Snibbe

A Lab Focused on Healing

In Robert Langer's vision of the future, the paralyzed walk, the sick are healed, the maimed are whole again, and it all happens through bioengineering.

Photo by Rose Lincoln, Harvard Staff PhotographerPhoto by Rose Lincoln, Harvard Staff Photographer

A Character Fit for a Novel

Julie Orringer RI '14 is working on a novel about Varian Fry, a Harvard graduate who saved more than 2,000 artists and anti-Nazi activists in occupied France during WWII.

Photo by Heather LathamPhoto by Heather Latham

Galleries: Adibi's Metabolic Paintings

Boston Globe features Elise Adibi's work: "The suggestion that the paintings are not simply what you see, but what you otherwise sense, underlines the intimate, nuanced experience of engaging with any worthy work of art: Keep your senses open."