Travelers in Hiding: Telling a Story of Central Americans in Mexico

November 13, 2012
Alma Guillermoprieto lecture video still

Alma Guillermoprieto RI '07 delivers the Schlesinger Library's 2012–2013 Maurine and Robert Rothschild Lecture.

Take Note | Welcome Remarks and Presentation of "Take Note" Virtual Exhibition

November 2, 2012
Take Note Welcome Remarks video still

Welcome Remarks by Lizabeth Cohen, Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study; Leah Price '91, RI '07, Senior Advisor to the Humanities Program, and Ann Blair '84, BI '99, Senior Advisor to the Humanities Program

Presentation of the Online Exhibition of Notes in Harvard Libraries and Museums by Greg Afinogenov, PhD Candidate, Department of History, Harvard University

Take Note | The Past and Future of Note-taking

November 2, 2012
Take Note, The Past and Future of Note-taking panel video still

"The Past and Future of Note-taking" with Peter Burke, Emeritus Professor of Cultural History, University of Cambridge and Lisa Gitelman, Associate Professor of Media and English, New York University, moderated by David Hall, Bartlett Research Professor of New England Church History, Harvard Divinity School

Take Note | From Theater to Laboratory

November 2, 2012
From Theater to Library, Take Note video still

"From Theater to Laboratory" with Markus Krajewski, Associate Professor of Media History, Bauhaus University, Weimar and Tiffany Stern, Professor of English, University College, Oxford University, moderated by Alex Csiszar, Assistant Professor of the History of Science, Harvard University

Take Note | Digital Annotation Tools

November 2, 2012
Digital Annotation Tools, Take Note video still

"Digital Annotation Tools" with David Karger, Professor of Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bob Stein, Founder and Co-Director, Institute for the Future of the Book, and David Levy, Professor, Information School, University of Washington, moderated by Jeffrey Schnapp, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures; Director, metaLAB (at) Harvard; Director, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University

Take Note | Closing Remarks

November 2, 2012
Take Note Closing Remarks video still

Closing Remarks by Geoffrey Nunberg, Adjunct Professor, School of Information, University of California at Berkeley with introduction by Diana Sorensen, Dean of Arts and Humanities; James F. Rothenberg Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literature, Harvard University

River Monster: The Epidemiology, Ecology, and Pathobiology of Cholera

October 22, 2012

John Mekalanos discusses the biology of cholera, driven by his investigations on the molecular genetics of the causative bacterial organism. With his many colleagues in Bangladesh, Haiti, and elsewhere, he has provided strong evidence for how this organism emerged as a human pathogen and has recently become more pathogenic, as well as for why epidemics begin and end so abruptly. He applied this knowledge to the construction of genetically stable cholera vaccines that have been successfully tested in the United States and Bangladesh.

Place, People, and Power: City Building in Postwar America

October 15, 2012

The inaugural lecture by new Radcliffe Institute Dean Lizabeth Cohen RI '02 addresses a topic central to her work as a scholar of 20th-century American urban history.

Cloudy with a Chance of Solutions | Gerald E. Galloway and Peter P. Rogers

October 12, 2012
Video still of Gerald E. Galloway speaking at Cloudy with a Chance of Solutions

The Radcliffe Institute's annual science symposium in 2012 focused on the important and challenging topic of water.

"Dealing with the Whole: The Need for National Water Policy" by Gerald E. Galloway, University of Maryland, College Park

Closing Remarks by Peter P. Rogers, Gordon McKay Professor of Environmental Engineering, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and faculty associate, Harvard University Center for the Environment

Cloudy with a Chance of Solutions | Welcome, Menachem Elimelech, and Bruce E. Rittmann

October 12, 2012
Cloudy with Chance of Solutions Welcome, Elimelech, and Rittman video still

The Radcliffe Institute's annual science symposium in 2012 focused on the important and challenging topic of water.

"The Future of Seawater Desalination" by Menachem Elimelech, Yale University

"Water as Part of the Solution to Renewable Biofuel, Not a Roadblock" by Bruce E. Rittmann, Arizona State University