Women Making Democracy | Women, Rights, and Power

March 30, 2012
Women Making Democracy Women, Rights, and Power video still

Given that demands for democratization are typically framed in universalistic language, this panel considers ways in which women take important roles in making demands for democratization or for participation in newly democratic governments. It also examines how gender-specific issues become a central component of demands on newly democratized governments.

Women Making Democracy | Rapporteur Discussion and Closing Remarks

March 30, 2012
Women Making Democracy Rapporteur and Closing Remarks video still

Two rapporteurs highlight the major themes of the conference, tying together issues raised across panels. They  compare different countries and moments of democratic change to help participants understand what is distinctive about "Arab Spring" and what is universal about women making democracy.

Women Making Democracy | Representing Women: Culture, Religion, and Revolution

March 30, 2012
Women Making Democracy Representing Women video still

This discussion presents a dialogue among activists, scholars, and cultural analysts. They reflect on cultural practices and iconic representations of women as they play out in democratizing movements, with a particular interest in the place of religion in democratic politics.

Women Making Democracy | Commedia Al-Ahzaan (Comedy of Sorrows)

March 29, 2012
Commedia Al-Ahzaan (Comedy of Sorrows) video still

Written in direct response to the ongoing revolution in Egypt, Ibrahim El-Husseini's Commedia Al-Ahzaan (Comedy of Sorrows) follows a young university-educated Egyptian woman through a series of encounters with different members of society. Through these encounters, she comes to realize how little she understands her own country.

Approaching Midnight: Taking Midnight's Children from Book to Film

March 22, 2012
Deepa Mehta, Rama S. Mehta Lecture video still

Director and screenwriter Deepa Mehta discusses her recent work with Salman Rushdie to adapt his 1981 novel Midnight's Children for the screen—they collaborated closely as he wrote the screenplay—including the challenges of casting 30 principal actors in India and spending days and nights in intensive workshops inspired by the ancient Indian performing arts treatise, the Natya Shastra. Mehta shares her philosophy of filmmaking and how she walks the fine line between conventional storytelling and pure instinct. Following the lecture, she is joined by Bapsi Sidhwa, who wrote the novel on which Mehta's 1998 film Earth was based, to discuss the relationship between author and filmmaker and the evolution of story from print to film.

Constructing the Head and Brain of Vertebrates

March 5, 2012
Nicole Le Douarin Deans Lecture video still

Nicole Le Douarin (Honorary Professor, Collège de France) explores the neural crest, an important embryonic structure that appeared in primitive vertebrates.

How Jesus Celebrated Passover: Early Modern Views of the Last Supper

February 13, 2012
Anthony Grafton Dean's Lecture video still

Anthony Grafton (Princeton University), a leading cultural and intellectual historian of Renaissance Europe, speaks about important historical developments in the understanding of the Last Supper. He posits that the Christian discovery of a Jewish Jesus began not in the 19th century but in the Renaissance.

Reimagining the City-University Connection | Preventing and Responding to Violence

October 21, 2011
Reimagining the City-University Connection Preventing and Responding to Violence video still

With Anthony A. Braga, Daniel Linskey, Felton Earls, and Deborah Allen; moderated by Paula Johnson

Reimagining the City-University Connection | Welcoming Remarks

October 21, 2011
Lizabeth Cohen Interim Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Harvard University  David T. Ellwood,  Dean, Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy, Harvard Kennedy School  Robert J. Sampson Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences  Director of the Social Sciences Program, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Harvard University  Peter Meade Director, Boston Redevelopment Authorit

With Lizabeth Cohen, David T. Ellwood, Robert J. Sampson, and Peter Meade

Reimagining the City University Connection | Governance and New Technologies

October 21, 2011
Reimagining the City University Connection Governance and New Technologies video still

With Alex "Sandy" Pentland, Jennifer Tour Chayes, and Nigel Jacob; moderated by David Lazer