Native Law and Legal Strategy | Native Peoples, Native Politics

May 23, 2016
Native Law and Legal Strategy, Native Peoples, Native Politics

Jonathan Perry (Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head [Aquinnah]), tribal councilman

Lizabeth Cohen, dean of the Radcliffe Institute and Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies in the Department of History, Harvard University

Daniel Carpenter, faculty director of the social sciences program at the Radcliffe Institute, member of the Provost’s Advisory Council on Native and Indigenous Issues, and Allie S. Freed Professor of Government in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University


Moderated by Maggie McKinley (Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe), Climenko Fellow and lecturer on law, Harvard Law School

Richard Guest, attorney, Tribal Supreme Court Project, Native American Rights Fund

Diane J. Humetewa (Hopi), United States district judge, United States District Court, District of Arizona

Matika Wilbur | The Portraits and Stories of Native American Women

May 19, 2016
Matika Wilbur, The Portraits and Stories of Native American Women

The acclaimed photographer Matika Wilbur, of the Tulalip and Swinomish tribes (Washington), brings remarkable insights into the lives and stories of contemporary Native American women.

Blessing by Mary Anne Hendricks (Natick Nipmuc), sachem

Introduction by Yukio Lippit, the Johnson-Kulukundis Family Faculty Director of the Arts at the Radcliffe Institute and a professor of history of art and architecture at Harvard University

Special performances by the singer Leah Shenandoah (Oneida Iroquois Wolf) and the violinist and composer Laura Ortman (White Mountain Apache)

The Fellowship Experience at the Radcliffe Institute

May 12, 2016
The Fellowship Experience at the Radcliffe Institute

Fellows at the Radcliffe Institute reflect on spending a year at Harvard’s institute for advanced study. These scholars, scientists, and artists talk about their projects, the program, and the progress they made.

Michael Pollan | One Writer's Trip

May 11, 2016
Michael Pollan, One Writer's Trip

As part of the 2015–2016 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Michael Pollan RI ’16, the Suzanne Young Murray Fellow, delivered an autobiographical talk—"One Writer’s Trip”—about his thinking and writing on nature as we find it closer to home: the garden, the farm, the table, and most recently, the altered states of consciousness that certain plants and fungi allow us to achieve. These excerpts are from that talk.

Kristiana Kahakauwila | To Weave with Water

May 10, 2016
Kristiana Kahakauwila, To Weave with Water

As part of the 2015–2016 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Kristiana Kahakauwila RI ’16 presents her progress on a historical novel—“To Weave with Water”—a multigenerational family saga set against the fight for water and native rights on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Kahakauwila is the 2015–2016 Lisa Goldberg Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute.

Reiko Yamada | Pieces of the Mask

May 10, 2016
Reiko Yamada, Pieces of the Mask

The Radcliffe fellow and composer Reiko Yamada presents excerpts from her upcoming experimental opera, Mask Your Sonic Story. Pieces of the Mask is an immersive and truly unique concertgoing experience in which audience members move freely around the set to follow certain characters during the performance.

Laurence Ralph | The Contradiction

May 2, 2016
Laurence Ralph, The Contradiction

As part of the 2015–2016 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Laurence Ralph examines a troubling contradiction: that police take an oath of honor—such as “protect and serve”—yet have contributed to an alarming number of violent deaths, inciting an investigation into what can and can’t be known about police violence.

Ralph is the 2015–2016 Joy Foundation Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute.

Alice Lyons | Dysfluency

April 25, 2016
Alice Lyons, Dysfluency

As part of the 2015–2016 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, the poet Alice Lyons RI ’16 recites a selection of her poems.

Alexander (Sasha) Wait Zaranek | Tiling the Genome

April 18, 2016
Alexander (Sasha) Wait Zaranek, Tiling the Genome

“Tiling the Genome: Naming the Parts of Your Genome That Make You You”

As part of the DNA Lecture Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Alexander (Sasha) Wait Zaranek suggests that, someday soon, doctors may use the information from individuals’ own DNA to realize precision medicine.

Zaranek is the chief scientist at Curoverse Inc. and the director of informatics at the Harvard Personal Genome Project.

Introduction by Jeantine E. Lunshof, visiting fellow in genetics at the Harvard Medical School.

Ways with Words | Public Discourse

April 12, 2016
Ways with Words, Public Discourse

This panel will examine language used in the public domain and how it both reflects and shapes cultural attitudes toward gender. The question of who defines and controls language, and the role gender plays, is an important part of political campaigns, entertainment, and business marketing efforts.

Mary Mills (9:00), Worldwide Director of Strategic Intelligence, Saatchi & Saatchi

Christine Matthews (33:16), President, Bellweather Research, and Cofounder, Burning Glass Consulting

Liza Johnson, Director and Screenwriter 
(Presentation by director and screenwriter Liza Johnson is not available due to incorporation of unreleased footage)

Moderator: Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Elizabeth Ware Packard Professor of Communication, Annenberg School for Communication; Walter and Leonore Annenberg Director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania

Q&A (49:37)