Conferences & Lectures

Our conferences, symposia, and lectures provide opportunities for leading thinkers to share groundbreaking research and practice with the public. Harvard faculty members help design these events to bring new speakers, ideas, and discussions to the University.

Funding Opportunities: Seminars & Workshops

We sponsor workshops and seminars, led by Harvard faculty and Radcliffe Institute fellows, which support intellectual exploration and risk taking in a private setting.

Research Initiatives

The Radcliffe Institute's thematic year on Urbanism, in collaboration with the Harvard-Mellon Urban Initiative, was designed to stimulate a broad-based discussion about “the urban” in the 21st century, a much more complicated concept than 19th- and 20th-century cities.

The Initiative on Native and Indigenous Peoples—a partnership between the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and the Harvard University Native American Program—explores the acquisition and expression of political power by native and indigenous peoples.

We lead the Boston Area Research Initiative—a collaborative effort between local universities and the City of Boston to connect scholars, policymakers, and civic leaders—which aims to improve the quality of research for scholars and the quality of life for citizens. 

Student Opportunities

Radcliffe offers unparalleled opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students by providing learning and research experiences that are difficult to find in a traditional classroom setting.