When we launched The Radcliffe Campaign in 2013, we communicated a bold vision of the value of curiosity-driven research and the importance of convening scholars from across disciplines to advance new knowledge, share it with a broad public, and to foster richer understandings of the ways that women and gender inform our society.

The Radcliffe and Harvard communities answered our call. Campaign donors, representing every Harvard School and every graduating class from 1933 to today, have made more than 24,000 contributions in support of the Institute’s people, programs, and collections. These gifts are a humbling display of confidence in the Institute and our mission. They will provide a strong foundation for the future and have had an immense impact already.

Through the Campaign, we have expanded our public programming, diversified the Schlesinger Library’s collections, endowed new fellowships, offered new opportunities for creative work, renewed our campus, and changed the face of Harvard’s faculty through the Radcliffe Professorships program. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of the Radcliffe community.

On behalf of the Institutes’ fellows, undergraduate research partners, program participants, visiting scholars, students taking classes at the Schlesinger Library, and more: Thank you for investing in ideas.

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Every day the Radcliffe Institute generates and shares new ideas that will make a lasting difference in our world.

Please make your gift to the Radcliffe Institute today to support original thinkers.

For information about supporting the Radcliffe Institute, please contact Julia Cavanaugh, director of external relations, at julia_cavanaugh@radcliffe.harvard.edu or (617) 496-3150.