We invite the entire community to join us by making a commitment to support The Radcliffe Campaign and our aspirations for the Radcliffe Institute and Harvard University.

In addition to making a Campaign gift, there are many other ways to get involved. One goal of The Radcliffe Campaign is to increase our engagement with our supporters and members of the University community by hosting regional events. 

We are also offering a full calendar of public events in Cambridge, with videos posted online. The Campaign represents an excellent opportunity for alumnae/i and supporters to serve as ambassadors for Radcliffe by talking with friends about their participation in the Institute’s work, and by inviting colleagues and peers to join them at the many events that will be taking place during the Campaign.

Susan S. Wallach and Sidney R. Knafel. Photo by Stu RosnerSusan S. Wallach and Sidney R. Knafel. Photo by Stu Rosner

“A great university needs a place where thinkers from across its campus and around the globe come together to take risks, explore new ideas, and connect theory and practice. At Harvard, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study is that place and is contributing to the future of Harvard’s excellence and leadership.”

Sidney R. Knafel ’52, MBA ‘54
Campaign Co-chair

“Conceived as a bold interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and international experiment, the Radcliffe Institute is now one of the world’s leading institutes for advanced study. A vast range of path-breaking intellectual work happens in and across the sciences, the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. The Institute is a credit to Radcliffe’s history and Harvard’s future.”

Susan S. Wallach ’68, JD ‘71
Campaign Co-chair

Dean's Advisory Council

Elizabeth Smith Cashin ’75
Kim G. Davis ’76, MBA ’78
Catherine A. Gellert ’93
Perrin Moorhead Grayson ’72
Jessica G. Harris ’97
Lea Paine Highet ’88
Leslie P. Hume ’69
David A. Jackson ’64  
Ralph M. James MBA ’82
Maryellie Kulukundis Johnson ’57
Trisha Pérez Kennealy ’92, MBA ’97

Sidney R. Knafel ’52, MBA ’54
Alexandra D. Korry '80 
Renée M. Landers ’77
Lori E. Lesser '88, JD '93 
George M. Lovejoy Jr. ’51
Diviya Magaro ’94
Deborah C. McLean ’76, MBA ’79  
Suzanne Young Murray ’62  
Melanie Mason Niemiec ’71, MBA ’75
Michael D. Patterson ’97
Robert N. Shapiro '72, JD '78 
Nancy-Beth Gordon Sheerr ’71  
William A. Shutzer ’69, MBA ’72  
Prudence Linder Steiner ’58, AM ’76, PhD ’80  
Deborah Fiedler Stiles ’69, JD ’74
Susan S. Wallach ’68, JD ’71 (Chair)
Sarah B. Wigglesworth '91

Schlesinger Library Council

Emily Simms Bingham ’87
Terrie F. Bloom ’75, MBA ’81  
A'Lelia P. Bundles ’74
Jenny Factor ’91
Susan Fales-Hill ’84
Alice Geller
Marilynn Wood Hill
Maisie K. Houghton ’62  
John W. Ingraham ’52, MBA ’57  
Ralph M. James MBA ’82 
Priscilla F. Kauff ’62
Trisha Pérez Kennealy ’92, MBA ’97  
Barbara N. Kravitz ’52, EdM ’53   
Diana M. Meehan
Paula J. Omansky ’56, HRP ’57, LLB ’62
Jeannie Park ’83    
C. Andrew Pforzheimer ’83
Lia G. Poorvu AM ’64
Claire Bond Potter
Andrea Reibel ’91–’92
Rosie Rios '87  
Elizabeth F. Rosenman ’54  
Susan W. Ware AM ’73, PhD ’78
Benjamin G. Wilcox ’97


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