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The New Majority? The Past, Present, and Future of Women in the Workplace

A Schlesinger Library Symposium Honoring the Legacy of Clara Schiffer
Striking workers from the records of the HUCTW. Courtesy of the Schlesinger LibraryStriking workers from the records of the HUCTW. Courtesy of the Schlesinger Library

Women's increasing employment for pay has transformed households, workplaces, and social life over the past half-century. Now women workers make up half the labor force. While women are the breadwinners in their families more and more often, have their jobs, their pay scales, and their opportunities for advancement gained parity with men's? At this symposium, speakers with a wide range of involvement in the labor movement, labor law, and social policy will discuss what has changed, what has not, and what lies ahead.

"Changing Unions, Changing Work"

This event is free and open to the public.

Speakers and PresentationsWelcome by Drew Faust, Harvard University President

Remarks about Clara Schiffer by Lois Schiffer

Marsha S. Berzon ’66
Judge, US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
"Working Women in the Courts: Where Are We After Forty Years?"

Ellen Bravo
Former Director, 9to5, and current Director, Family Values @ Work Consortium
"Working Women Organizing"

Heidi Hartmann
President, Institute for Women's Policy Research
"Achieving Equality and Lifting the Floor"

Nancy MacLean
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences Professor of History, Duke University
“An Unfinished Revolution:  Women’s Organizing for Workplace Justice in Historical Perspective”

Lynn Rhinehart
General Counsel, AFL-CIO
"How Today’s Unions are Working to Meet the Needs of Women Workers"

Kris Rondeau
Founder, Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers; Union Organizer
"Changing Unions, Changing Work" 


1:00pm - 5:30pm