Actual Size–A Portrait in Four Parts and Triple Reduction

Actual Size–A Portrait in Four Parts and Triple Reduction

Cosponsored by the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and History of the Book Seminar at the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University

Artist Susan Sironi will present a gallery talk associated with the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts exhibition, Measure for Measure, an all-media exhibition conceptualized and curated by Lisa Randall RI '03 and Lia Halloran.

Measure for Measure is an exploration of the concept of scale through contemporary art expression. The exhibit investigates how we reinvigorate our thoughts and expand our perceptions when recognizable objects and spaces, in architecture and nature, are viewed from different vantage points or are shifted in scale.

Ms. Sironi’s work, displayed in the exhibition, titled Actual Size–A Portrait in Four Parts used Gulliver's TravelsAlice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass as source materials. She altered the illustrated books by incorporating/carving them into actual-sized tracings of her hand, foot, profile, and the cross-section of her neck. In Triple Reduction, she displays a scaled-down chair and table with popular culture books that relate to human scale, along with a cookbook from which recipes were removed, cut into smaller fragments, put into salt and pepper shakers, and then labeled so that the viewer can read what is inside. Individually or as a group, each item mixes the real with the imagined, using scale as the point of departure and leaving viewers to place themselves somewhere between the two.