Fellows' Presentation

The Power Geometry of Globalized Parenting

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Part of the 2011–2012 Fellows' Presentation Series.

While in residence at Radcliffe, Pei-Chia Lan will explore the effects of globalization on the experience of parenting and how these effects, varying by class and gender, contribute to social inequities. Based on in-depth interviews conducted in Taiwan and Boston, she looks at three major global processes: worldwide circulation of ideologies that shaped the changing notions of parenthood and childhood in Taiwan; the restructuring of the global economy in recent years, including the flows of capital and labor, that influence family relations, the care economy, and parenting practices in Taiwan; and how parents maneuver cross-border movements as strategies to advance children’s educational opportunities. Lan will explore how Taiwanese and Chinese immigrants negotiate cultural differences in the practice of childrearing and how they parent transnationally.