Fellows' Presentation

Painting as Site of Resistance

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Part of the 2013–2014 Fellows Presentation Series.

As the world’s demands come faster and more relentlessly, artist Elise Adibi’s painting offers a site of resistance. Using the language of abstraction and, more specifically, taking the grid as her primary structure, Adibi aims at the relationship between subject and object by means of a perceptual engagement with the material world encountered at close range. Hers are slow paintings that resist easy translation into image reproduction and dissemination and are made to be seen in person.

While at Radcliffe, Elise Adibi is further exploring the organic nature of the materials she uses, including pigments in oil paint, rabbit-skin glue (an animal protein), and graphite (a form of carbon). This research will be put to use in the creation of her first installation, extending the issues of perception from the painted object to the space of exhibition. 

Adibi's presentation on Wednesday, November 13, will be followed by the opening of her exhibit, Metabolic Paintings, at the Byerly Gallery.