Fellows' Presentation

All Our Tragic

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Part of the 2013–2014 Fellows Presentation Series

Sean Graney has created a giant 12-hour theatrical adaptation combining all 32 surviving Greek tragedies, titled All Our Tragic. He aims to introduce modern audiences to a classical theatrical tradition: the immersive, durational-theater experience of the ancient Greeks, which was designed to encourage civic conversation about important contemporary topics by incorporating music, politics, and eating. After a diligent 18 months of writing, which generated more than 1,200 pages of drama, Graney plans to use his fellowship to bring this massive project closer to production. 

For his fellowship presentation, Graney will begin with his thoughts on Greek tragedy, his mission to bring ancient theater to modern audiences, and how his project is developing.  His remarks will be followed by a monologue and a scene with actors Lauren Doucette and Justin Packard, who are students at the American Repertory Theater Institute. The schedule ensures plenty of time for questions.