Fellows' Presentation

The Virtues and Vitriol of Philippe de Vitry

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Part of the 2013–2014 Fellows Presentation Series

At Radcliffe, Anna Zayaruznaya is studying Philippe de Vitry (1291–1369), a poet and composer well-known to music historians as a pioneer in the development of musical notation. Despite his importance, no large-scale study has been dedicated to Vitry. Zayaruznaya is laying the groundwork for such a study by examining Vitry’s world and works—musical and poetic—from a range of disciplinary perspectives. This entails a fresh look not only at thorny problems of motet dating and attribution, but also at the poetry Vitry did not set to music, his annotated collection of books, and his distinct and angry public persona. More broadly, Zayaruznaya is interested in exploring alternative models for writing about composers in cases where applying the “Life and Works” paradigm is either not possible or not fruitful.