The Other Side

Image by Hans TutschkuImage by Hans Tutschku

Exhibit by Hans Tutschku. The exhibit is in the first-floor gallery of Byerly Hall at 8 Garden Street, Radcliffe Yard, Cambridge, MA 02138.

There will be a fellow’s presentation by Hans Tutschku at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 10, followed by the exhibit opening at 5:30 p.m.

From March 11 through March 28, the exhibit will be open on weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


This exhibition unites a series of photographic installations, interactive sound sculptures, and performance videos.

I believe that stimulating curiosity is one of the most important aspects of education, human interaction, and art.

Since the 1980s, I have been working with oil painting. In Klang-Farbe-Bewegung (1989), I projected images of my paintings on dancers. I then started to take still photographs of the dancers in the image projection and incorporated them into interactive sound panels for Tell Me! . . . a secret . . . (2007). In the dance piece Polyvision (2009), I transferred the image world into video and experimented with the relationship of moving paintings and choreography.

This installation, The Other Side, is a collaboration with the Harvard University Dance Program. Harvard students developed poses and characteristic expressions through improvisation.

—Hans Tutschku

Hans Tutschku is known for his groundbreaking work in contemporary electronic music. Tutschku also investigates the integration of technology in many other art forms and media and has experimented with oil painting, photography, theatre, choreography, pottery, and video art. This experimentation has become an important source of inspiration for his music. His upbringing in communist East Germany was characterized by intense artistic collaborations and a constant yearning for “the other side”—for the ability to express his ideas freely. The intensity of Tutschku’s works has not faded since the political change in 1989.

Many thanks to Jill Johnson, the director of the Harvard University Dance Program, and the following dancers who are featured in the exhibit: Lauren Balbus, Irineo Cabreros, Melanie J. Comeau, Stella Gaitani, Naze-a-ru Gonzalez, Bex Kwan, Megan Murdock, Sofie Rose Seymour, Tsung-Yun Tzeng, and Rossi L. Walter.