Women in Medicine

Giving Care and Taking Control: Selections from the Schlesinger Library
Women in Medicine exhibit

Women in America made significant contributions to the field of medicine well before they had access to formal education or professional recognition. However, with the admission of Elizabeth Blackwell into Geneva Medical College in 1847, women’s influence on American medicine was inalterably changed. While professional credentials gave women the foundation for medical authority, the struggle for recognition and acceptance was far from over. In the nearly two centuries following Blackwell’s matriculation, new obstacles for female doctors have emerged in America, only some of which have been conquered, with considerable effort. This exhibit profiles many of the women who took that work upon themselves—fighting political, racial, and gender-based discrimination in order to perform their work in the medical community.

From April 7 through April 18, the exhibit will be open weekdays at the Byerly Hall Gallery from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.