Fellows' Presentation

Image or Idol? Medieval Bodies, Accoutrements, and Identities

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Part of the 2014–2015 Fellows' Presentation Series

Lecture by Nicolette Zeeman RI '15

At Radcliffe, Nicolette Zeeman is using medieval theories about image use, idolatry, iconoclasm, and the idol in order to think about the body, along with its “parts” and accoutrements, as it appears in medieval imaginative texts, visual images, sculpture, and other cultural artifacts. She will bring the sophisticated theorizations of the image and idol that were developed in religious contexts to bear on both religious and nonreligious materials. The project will allow her to think about how corporeality and its various appurtenances allow people to think about the experience of being “in” the body and also about the identity-constituting business of being seen in their bodies, from the outside, by others.