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"An Overall Augmented Sense of Well Being" and Other Works . . . featuring the Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone Quartet

Photo by Tony RinaldoPhoto by Tony Rinaldo

Part of the 2016–2017 Fellows' Presentation Series

Lecture and concert featuring works by Anthony Tan RI '17

Anthony Tan is a Canadian composer-pianist, electronic musician, and improvisor who draws influence from past experiences as a club DJ, studies in music perception, and training as a classical pianist and concert music composer within the Western European musical tradition.

This event, which is free and open to the public, is an excellent opportunity to hear an innovative composer’s newest work.


Featuring the Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone Quartet

Pose III: Integration Ritual (8 minutes)
for solo soprano saxophone, suspended gongs, sine tones and mono sound source
Joshua Hyde, soprano saxophone
Drew Pendergrass, electronics

An Overall Augmented Sense of Well-Being (30 minutes)(world premiere)
for amplified quartet and electronics
Karin Hellqvist, violin*
Heloisa Amaral, piano*
Joshua Hyde, saxophones*
Noam Bierstone, percussion*
Anthony Tan, electronics

Endlessnessnessness (10 minutes)
improvisation for prepared upright piano and two-channel electronics
Anthony Tan, piano and electronics

“. . . high in the effulgence symbolistic, high, of the ethereal bosom, high, of the
high vast irradiation everywhere all soaring all around about the all,
the endlessnessnessness.”
—James Joyce

* Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone Quartet