The Love Witch

The Love Witch poster

Witch? Please.

The Love Witch casts an intense spell which simply must be seen to be believed. Samantha Robinson stars in a surreal performance as Elaine, a self-described love witch currently driving through California on a hunt for The One. Elaine is a femme fatale for the history books—instantly iconic even as she appears plucked from the gauzy filters of another era. The Love Witch is feminist high camp: outspoken and outrageous in its intent, familiar and fun in its play with pastiche but absolutely surprising. It is also a testament to a new voice in feminist cinema and its fairy tales.

Short film: Monster (2005, directed by Jennifer Kent)

Free and open to the public.

Part of the 20172018 Schlesinger Library Film Series

Fairy tales are frequently described as magic mirrors for our unseen selves. In them, we find reflected our own waking-life dreams—our happy endings and hopes of fairy tale romance—and our most irresistible nightmares. What does feminist discourse see in its own magic mirrors? This seven-part film series will explore the illuminating, alluring, provocative, polarizing, and playful pas de deux that is currently unfolding between feminism and the fairy tale against the stage of contemporary cinema. Each evening’s feature includes a film short and brief introduction to the programming.

Feminism and the Fairy Tale is curated by Katie Kohn, a doctoral candidate in film and visual studies in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.