Twins in Space

The Undiscovered Lecture Series

Spaceflight poses unusual stressors to the human body. Microgravity, confined spaces, radiation exposure, and restricted diets are among the challenges faced by astronauts. To ensure that astronauts can perform under these daunting conditions, NASA investigators have been studying the effect of long-duration spaceflight on crew members. 

One such investigation is the NASA Twins Study, which is an integrated, multi-omic, molecular, physiological, and cognitive portrait of a pair of identical twin astronauts—one who spent a year in space while his co-twin stayed on Earth to provide ground-control measures. In this talk, Brinda Rana will present the findings of the NASA Twins Study and discuss additional findings from our simulated microgravity studies.

Free and open to the public.

This event is part of The Undiscovered Science Lecture Series.

Scott and Mark Kelly. Courtesy of NASAScott and Mark Kelly. Courtesy of NASA