Bread and Roses 2013: Women in Poverty

An Event Presented by Community Works and the Schlesinger Library

According to US Census Bureau data released in September 2013, women’s poverty rates were once again substantially above the poverty rates for men. More than one in seven women—nearly 17.8 million—and more than one in five children—over 16 million—lived in poverty in 2012. More than half the number of all poor children lived in families headed by women. 

This event is an opportunity to discuss these facts, factors that contribute to women’s economic insecurity (domestic violence, low-paying occupations, and unpaid caregiving), and the barriers and dangers facing women living in poverty.


Toni Troop, Director of Communications, Jane Doe Inc.

Georgia Mattison, Program Director, Poor People’s United Fund

Carolyn Villers, Executive Director, Mass Senior Action Council

Isabel Lopez, Domestic Worker Organizer, Women’s Institute for Leadership Development

Marcy Goldstein-Gelb, Executive Director, Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health