The Radcliffe Institute presents live web streaming of several events each year—including our annual science symposium, gender conference, and Radcliffe Day programming—so that anyone around the world with reliable high-speed Internet connection can watch the proceedings as they are happening.

To view the live webcast:

1) On the day of the event, simply go to the homepage of the Radcliffe website or the event webpage, and look for the link to "WATCH LIVE WEBCAST."

2) Click on the link, and a new window will open automatically on your web browser. You will see this on your screen:

3) Click on the arrowhead in the middle of the screen to join the live video feed.

4) Check that the audio is "on" on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and adjust the sound level as necessary.

5) To view live audio transcription, scroll down the webpage displaying video.

You're all set!

Please note:

  • You do not have to register to view the live webcast.
  • If you miss any part of the proceedings, video will be posted on the Radcliffe website and on the Harvard YouTube channel approximately 4 weeks after the event.

Thank you for your interest.