Hard Lessons, Hopeful Futures: Democratic/Constitutional Governance of Ghana’s Oil Sector?

March 2014

This workshop follows up on a larger Academic Venture workshop that was convened in April 2013, in order to bring international constitutional experts together with the architects of Ghana’s pending constitutional revisions. The earlier workshop’s focus was the deeply democratic quality of the revision’s process and outcomes. That workshop brought the revised constitution’s chief architect, Dr. Raymond Atuguba, into theoretically focused conversation with fifteen other scholars and public intellectuals from Ghana, South Africa, Latin America, the UK, and the US. The conversation brought several different epistemological lenses—from post-colonial constitutional histories, to comparative constitutional frameworks, to Africanist legal ethnography, to economic and social rights practice, to experimentalist institutional design, to network analysis of state action, to ideologies of participation—to bear on an historical moment that holds out both promise and risk for Ghana and other emerging democracies in Africa and throughout the developing world.