Principles and Practice of Global Health and Social Medicine: Development of a Case-based Learning Tool for the Next Generation

February 2017

In this workshop, we assemble a group of global health and social medicine practitioners from diverse settings, geography, levels of experience, and gender to review and analyze the successes and failures of global health and social medicine (GHSM) programs. The result is the creation of a case-based resource for use by trainees in global health and social medicine. Workshop participants develop their case(s) based on their unique experiences and perspectives. The workshop serves as a way to share the cases, shape and develop them as a group, and integrate them into a practical open access case-based resource whose audience will span health settings around the world and serve as an educational resource for trainees in GHSM. The fields of GHSM have evolved significantly over several decades. Countless governmental, non-governmental, and university-based organizations work tirelessly around the globe to reduce inequities in health through a variety of programs using diverse models and strategies. Developing health care systems in resource-limited settings poses challenges that require multidisciplinary solutions involving the domains of clinical medicine, logistics and program development, anthropology, economics, and beyond. Despite growing individual and collective experience of “what works” and “what does not work,” there is little diffusion of this information. As an increasing number of health practitioners engage with global health as clinicians, educators, researchers, and administrators, it is essential to create tools that meet the growing demand for educational resources which capture the collective knowledge and experiences of the field, including voices of communities served by GHSM programs.