Fernanda Aoki Navarro
Animation/Projection Mapping/Electronic Music/Computational Science and Engineering

This project explores issues related to surveillance, data collection, and technology, as well as technology and interactive art. We will explore issues connected to the corporeality and anatomy of the performers and the different ways to track and use their biometric data during a performance.

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Diary of a Tap Dancer

Ayodele Casel
Dance History (Tap)/Women’s History/African American History and Culture/Gender Inequality

Diary of A Tap Dancer is an evening-length theatrical work using tap dance as the primary mode of storytelling. It also includes written, spoken and recorded text.

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Korea Family Project

Paul Y. Chang
Sociology/Family Studies/Demography/Korean Studies

This project explores the rise of non-normative family structures in South Korea. Characterized as the “family crisis,” South Korea currently boasts the lowest fertility rate in the OECD and the highest suicide rate (propelled by suicides of senior citizens).

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Fast Darkness and the Fabrication of Light

Chaya Czernowin
Music Composition

I am working on two large-scale pieces for large ensembles. I will be happy to have a few students to help. Research partners would assist with field recording, instrumental recordings and some electronic manipulation, website help, and editing some essay writing connected to my work.

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The 19th Amendment and the Politics of Race

Liette Gidlow
US History/Literature/Political Science

“The 19th Amendment and the Politics of Race” uses an intersectional lens to uncover connections between the 19th Amendment of 1920 and the black freedom movements of the 1950s and 1960s, thus bringing into conversation two historical narratives that previously have been treated separ

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Style Revolution: How We Changed Clothes in 1795

Anne Higonnet
Gender Studies/Politics/Psychology/Economics/Anthropology

This project studies a tipping point in the history of clothing, when monarchic sumptuary hierarchy gave way to individual style choices. At the heart of the project will be a forgotten decade of radically liberating Paris fashion for women, strongly influenced by India.

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Help the Dead

Every Ocean Hughes
Comparative Literature/Classics/Poetry/Theater

At Radcliffe I will begin a new series of interdisciplinary art works. These projects want to queer death: to create new references, vocabularies, and aesthetics with which to reorient our approach to surviving and dying on the planet in our contemporary times.

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Queer Death

Every Ocean Hughes
Visual Arts/Film/Theater

At Radcliffe I will begin a new series of interdisciplinary art works. I will be developing the idea of “queer death” by asking questions about self-determination, mutual aid, the fantasy of continuity, and accountability.

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The Trials of Stella Goldschlag: Nazi Victim, Holocaust Survivor, and War Criminal

Laura Jockusch
German History/Jewish History/Nazi Germany and the Holocaust/History of Postwar Germany/Nazi War Crime Trials/Legal History and Transitional Justice/Women’s History/Gender Studies

This book project explores the tragic story of Stella Goldschlag (aka Kübler-Isaaksohn, 1922–1994), a German Jewish Holocaust survivor, who worked as a Gestapo informer in Berlin from 1943 to 1945, allegedly turning in dozens of Jews

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Epidemiology and the Future of Tort Law

Alexandra D. Lahav
History of Science/Public Health/Epidemiology/Law/Probability Theory/Philosophy

This is an interdisciplinary project considering how tort law might be reconsidered to take into account the science of epidemiology. Should a plaintiff have to prove that this product caused her injury, even when the best evidence only shows that the product increases risk of injury?

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How Do We Know Things?

Jill Lepore
History/History of Science

I’m working on a highly produced podcast about the nature and history of knowledge and evidence. I’m looking for an undergraduate researcher who is interested in history and has experience working in archives.

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The Call of Migratory Things, a Novel

Nina McConigley
Literature/Asian American Studies/Creative Writing/Cultural Studies and Theory/Gender Studies/US History

I work on multiple projects at once. But my main focus will be on “The Call of Migratory Things,” a postfrontier novel in which immigration, reproduction, and place intersect.

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Mzansi's Other Voices

Bongani Ndodana-Breen
Musicology/African Music/Music Composition

“Mzansi's Other Voices” is a book project that seeks to challenge entrenched notions on the value of indigenous African culture in the discourse on South African classical music and its historic lack of representation of black composers.

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Some Topics in Art and Law

Gala Porras-Kim
Visual Arts/Law

The student will aid in the research and production of projects in the intersection of art and law, specifically how collections are named and the relationship of private names to ownership; living artists’ rights over their creative output during their lifetime; and various legal issues th

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I Still Think of You

Sylvia Schedelbauer
Film/Visual Arts/Experimental Film/Filmmaking/Transculturalism/Transnationalism/History

At Radcliffe, Schedelbauer will work on a hybrid (experimental/sensory/essayistic/documentary) film project that investigates the history of half-Japanese subjectivities.

Her explorations will be filtered through a personal lens, as she incorporates her own transnational background.

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Last Exit from Europe

Chanan Tigay
Creative Nonfiction

I am looking for one or more research partners who read French and/or Portuguese to work with me on my book of creative nonfiction, Last Exit from Europe: How One Man Defied a Dictatorship, Outsmarted the Nazis, and saved 30,000 Refugees.

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The Sex Crime Paradox

Corey Rayburn Yung
Psychology/Gender Studies/Law/History

My project, which will take the form of a book, offers a novel theory of why America’s sex culture and laws have become highly dysfunctional and offers suggestions as to what action should be taken.

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