Genetics of Increased Cancer Risk in Children

Lisa Diller
Medicine (Pediatric Oncology)

This project will allow the student-researcher to imagine, and help inform, a not-too-distant future in which infants are screened at birth for risk of disease, and children with high risk of disease (but who are well) enter into a medical care system in order to prevent or detect disease early.

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Redistricting: Math Meets Civil Rights

Moon Duchin
Mathematics/Political Science/Law

There will be opportunities for many different kinds of research to support this project: first of all in pure math, computing, and tool development (e.g., software); but also through connections with urban geography and planning, sociology, social studies of science, and critical race theory.

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New Bedford Novel

Francisco Goldman
Literature/Central and North American History/Business Studies/Conflict and Trauma Studies/Earth and Planetary Sciences/Archeology

Francisco Goldman is the author of four published novels and two nonfiction books and has completed a new novel, “Monkey Boy,” forthcoming in 2019.

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The Myth of The Black Superwoman

Kaitlyn Greenidge
US History/African American Studies/Media Studies/Cultural Studies and Theory

In the past year, a popular meme has been the mandate that "black women will save democracy." But what does this actually mean, and where does this sentiment come from? What are the historical roots of this expectation of black women martyrdom?

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Imał, or the Origin of Death

Sky Hopinka
Indigenous and Native American Studies/Literature/Cinema Studies/Ethnography/Linguistics/Photography/Filmmaking

For this project I will be working on a feature length experimental film focused in and around the Pacific Northwest and the language Chinuk Wawa, indigenous to the region.

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American Hagwon

Min Jin Lee
Education/Sociology/Government/Literature/Creative Writing/Law

Research tutoring centers in the local area. Fluent Korean language skills are necessary for the work. I would like to learn more about how South Korean kids prepare to get into elite colleges. In terms of craft, it may help the student learn about how a novel is written.

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Again Not the Same River

Josh Levine
Music Composition


My project "Again Not the Same River" involves composing interconnected pieces for the Mivos Quartet that individually and together reflect upon the dynamic relationship of two constants of experience: recurrence and change.

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Evie Shockley
Poetry/Cultural Studies/History

I'll be drafting a long poem that takes place in a speculative future, but looks back in several ways to the distant past. It is based geographically in the northeastern US, but involves events in and people from other parts of the globe, especially South Asia.

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The Built Environment: State Presence at Border Crossings in the Modern World

Beth A. Simmons
Statistics/Data Science/Political Science/Geography/International Relations/International Law/Anthropology/Sociology

Do international political borders matter in the modern world, and if so, in what ways? The globalization literature suggests that political boundaries between states matter less and less, especially as states have liberalized their markets for goods and services.

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1999: An Unaccompanied Memoir

Javier Zamora

I migrated to this country in 1999 as an unaccompanied minor. The year before, the story of Elian Gonzalez captured the US media. I'm interested in borrowing front-page headlines (only) from all major US newspapers in which Elian was mentioned.

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