A Free Mind: A Biography of Fatima Meer

Political Science/Gender Studies

My project is an intellectual biography of a key political activist and academic in South Africa. The themes explored in this biography include: theories of race and gender, cross-race friendships, political spaces for women in Africa, and women in academia.

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Plant You Now, Dig You Later

Visual Art

I am a visual artist who uses time-based, photographic, and discursive platforms to examine “progress” and its alternatives. Recent exhibitions have focused on transparency and opacity as medium and metaphor, with a particular focus on privacy as a political gesture.

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Twenty-Two Hours

Visual Art/Cultural Studies/Film

Twenty-Two Hours is part of a series of cinematic works investigating the history of utopia and internationalism in North Africa and the Middle East, through a reflection on the dialectics of authorship and history writing.

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Visual Art/African American Studies/Film/Cultural Studies

On March 10, 1970, Jean Genet—the legendary French writer and revolutionary—spoke in Cambridge, MA, along with members of the Boston Chapter of the Black Panther Party, to call for solidarity and support for the Black Liberation Movement.

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The Beach in Ancient Greece


The beach was one of the most distinctive and common landscapes of the world of the ancient Greeks, the proverbial "frogs around a pond.” This project, which is at its earliest stage, will explore how the landscape of the accessible coastline generated and clarified thinking about some of t

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Film/Visual Art

A kinetic journey through the graphic motifs of textiles pairs figure and landscape to explore the technological development of fabric production and consumption alongside systems of visual and spoken language.

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200 Pianos

Music/Composition/Computer Music/Musical Acoustics/Perception

I’m working on a study about Harvard's keyboard instruments collection as part of my composition process. This research will include sample recordings, spectral analysis, elaboration of sound databases and development of musical notation.

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Law, Justice, and Forgiveness


My project involves research into amnesties around immigration law violations, in the US and elsewhere.

I am looking for a research partner to help with research using online databases and news sources, then writing and summarizing their research.

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Black Men in a White House

United States History/African American History/Politics/Policy/ Race/Civil Rights/Political Ideologies and Institutions/ American Presidency

While at Radcliffe, I’ll be working on "Black Men in a White House," a book project that explores the historical roots of present-day racial and political polarization.

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Meeting of Waters

Visual Art

The proposed installation is an inquiry into two different modes of material culture production: the manufacturing of mass-produced goods in the free trade zone of Manaus in the Amazon forest, and the traditional ways of making practiced by the indigenous communities in the region.

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Screen Typecasting and Lumen

Film/Visual Art/Philosophy

I will be addressing a series of interconnected questions on "animality-cinemality-criminality," involving engagement with film professionals and researchers relative to actors' screen roles and their casting, exploring the relationship between appearance, measurement, and typecasting.

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Biological Motion

History of Science

The aim of my project is to present a comprehensive history of concepts, images, and ways of moving in biology from the 18th century to today. Motion has always been observed, described, and visualized in the living world.

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