I am working on a film about people from different places and times between the Amazons and South Dakota. I would like a research partner to help me organize trips to indigenous American reservations.

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Life of a Klansman


I am writing a nonfiction book with the working title “Life of a Klansman,” which traces the life of a foot soldier in the race battles that unfolded during Reconstruction in the American South.

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Random Tilings

Math and Applied Sciences/Computer Science/Physics

Random tilings of large planar domains by simple shapes (domino tiles or rhombuses obtained by gluing two unit triangles of the triangular lattice together) have many surprising features.

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Immigrant Party and INSTAR

Human Rights/Law/Politics/Urban Design/Government/Visual and Environmental Studies

Tania Bruguera is an artist who researches ways in which art can be applied to everyday political life, focusing on the transformation of social affect into political effectiveness.

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Negative Space

Visual Art

Working loosely through the lens of science fiction I am currently creating a multi-part project consisting of a series of video installations, sculptures, drawings, and a book published by Dancing Foxes Press.

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An Endless Prison

Spanish Literature and Political History/Cinema and Video Installation/Repression/Oral History

"An Endless Prison" is a video installation exploring contemporary Spain's geography and landscapes through the places where the Franco regime implemented and developed its repression during its first years in power (1939 to late 1940s, all over the Spanish territory).

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Longa Noite (A Long Night)

Cinema/Video/Editing/Image and Sound Postproduction/Visual and Environmental Studies

The film Longa noite proposes an exhaustive work with night scenes in nature, with darkness, off-screen and sound design playing a prominent role. The movie also focuses on language, present through letters that are written and recited by the characters along the film.

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Quantifying Multi-metric Food Sustainability

Applied Mathematics/Statistics/Environmental Science

To help improve our emerging understanding of the planetary consequences of human diet and dietary choices, I am looking for a technically savvy research assistant to analyze raw data from the USDA website and devise key national-, state-, and county-level statistics that will then be used in opt

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The Degree of Human Impact Project: Generation of a Widely-Defined Index, and Its Progressively Refining Spatially Resolved Global Dataset

Applied Mathematics/Statistics/Environmental Science/Geography/Computer Science/Computational Biology

Humans affect every corner of the earth, from its tallest summits to its ice-covered poles. Yet the degree of human perturbation of natural environments varies widely, from near-pristine remote mountains, to Manhattan or downtown Bangalore.

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The Past and Present of the Future

History/Philosophy/Religious Studies/History of Science/Science (Astronomy, Medicine, Physics)/Epidemiology/Computer Science

Making predictions based on theory, based on data, has only been the way of science for the past 400 years or so—before that there was much more reliance on what today we would call "philosophy." I am currently leading the creation of the most modular HarvardX (online) course yet created, c

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Imprecise Computing

Computational Science/Computer Science/Engineering/Applied Mathematics

I am looking for a research partner who will help me examine algorithms for the solution of scientific problems (applications range from fluid mechanics to life sciences) that may be deployed on computer processors with varying precision.

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Parched: Drought and the Limits of the Human

Environmental Humanities/Cultural History/Literary History/Cultural Studies/Ethnography

I am looking for a research partner to help with archival research of drought histories and speculative fictions treating the possibility of living and cultivating just, ecologically attuned, and sustainable futures in times of severe water scarcity.

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Outside (A Novel)


My novel-in-progress tells the story of a homeless woman wrongly accused of and convicted of murder; her daughter, whom she gives birth to while incarcerated, has the gift of prenatal memory (she can remember being in the womb and being born with clarity) and is the only one who can exonerate her

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Qāḍī Justice


I am looking for one or more research partners who will help categorize and translate court decisions contained in early Islamic literature, assist in working with scholars to turn conference papers into an edited volume, and work on the digital platform SHARIAsource on related matters.

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