New Poetry: AHotB and Creative Writing: Monkey Talk

Tonya M. Foster
Global Literature/Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/African American Studies/Media Studies

During my Radcliffe year, I will develop two projects: a new collection of poetry—"A History of the Bitch,” which takes up Fanny Lou Hamer’s observation that “a Black woman’s body is never hers alone,” and an interdisciplinary project—"Monkey Talk,”

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The American School in Red, White, and Black

Jarvis R. Givens
African American Studies/Native American Studies/History of Education

This project will revise the origin story of schooling in the American social order by accounting for “Red, White, and Black,” which might be thought of as the founding racial triad given the structuring events of settler colonialism and racial chattel slavery.

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Speaking in Tongues

Christopher Harris
Film and Video

My project is a 16mm experimental film that analogizes the discourse of racialized criminality and the carceral apparatus, which surveils and delimits the movements of Black people’s bodies, with the conventions and mechanics of the cinematic apparatus which regulates and standardizes the m

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Gun Violence Prevention

David Hemenway
Descriptive Epidemiology (from a social science perspective)

Using data from the Gun Violence Archive, the National Violent Death Reporting System, and the National Crime Victimization Surveys, we will work together to examine the incidence of and risk factors for home invasion homicides, self-defense gun use, and other firearm-related issues. 

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Will Mackin
Modern Day Pirates/Geology/Thermodynamics/MK–ULTRA/Antidisestablishmentarianism/Car Repair

"Animals" will be my second collection of short stories based on my combat experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. Each story will be centered around an encounter between soldiers and a member or members of the animal kingdom.

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Quasars in the DESI Survey

Paul Martini
Astrophysics/Cosmology/Computer Programming

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is about to begin a five-year survey of the sky to probe the mystery of cosmic acceleration through measurements of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) over a broad swath of cosmic history.

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Sahra Motalebi
Visual Art/Interdisciplinary Art

Motherboards is an open-form exhibition that looks at digitality's effects on creative utterance on narrativity and affect, using search-and-browse as an experimental narrative form.

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California, the Great Experiment

Miriam Pawel
Narrative Nonfiction/Journalism/History/Social Movements

I am researching and writing about income inequality in California, its historical roots and ramifications, and efforts to address inequities that now threaten to become even more severe in the wake of the global pandemic.

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Brine to Batteries: The Extractive Frontiers of the Global Energy Transition

Thea Riofrancos
Political Science/Anthropology/Sociology/Economics/Latin American Studies/Environmental Studies/Materials Science/Infrastructure/Transit Policy/Public Policy/Industrial Policy/Trade Policy/Climate Change/Renewable Energy/Technological Innovation

The fate of the earth rests on a rapid transition to new energy sources, and energy systems—the material substrate of our collective existence—are terrains of political conflict.

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Geography of Lethal Force

Rajiv Sethi
Social Science/Data Science

The use of deadly force by law enforcement officers in the United States is extremely high by international standards, and involves significant disparities by race and ethnicity. Both the scale and the disparities vary sharply across states, cities, and law enforcement agencies.

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The Migrant’s Light

Héctor Tobar
Immigration/Latinx Studies/Literary Nonfiction/Ethnic Studies/United States History

I am working on a nonfiction book about the profound shifts in American culture brought forth by the anti-immigrant movement. Today, the public imagination increasingly equates Latino people with undocumented status, barbarism, and servility.

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Cluster Algebras

Lauren K. Williams
Mathematica (Algebraic Combinatorics)

Cluster algebras are a class of commutative rings with a remarkable combinatorial structure; they have connections to diverse topics in mathematics including representation theory, Teichmuller theory, and integrable systems.

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