Biodiversity and Biomechanics of Gelatinous Zooplankton: An Investigation at the Intersection of Biology, Engineering, Genomics, and Soft Robotics

Biology/Journalism/Engineering/History of Science

This project explores jellyfish from numerous different perspectives. It consists of a book project that explores the history of the intersection of humans and jellyfish. In addition, this project will develop novel soft robotic devices (in collaboration with the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory) to study gelatinous marine life in situ.

I am looking for a research partner who will be involved in all aspects of the project—for example, library research and interviews. The student can also be directly involved in the soft robotics research.

The student researcher will help propel the project forward. As I am attempting a book-length project in the term of the fellowship, the added assistance will be greatly appreciated. The student will gain research skills related to marine biology, journalism, and soft robotics.