The Call of Migratory Things, a Novel

Literature/Asian American Studies/Creative Writing/Cultural Studies and Theory/Gender Studies/US History

I work on multiple projects at once. But my main focus will be on “The Call of Migratory Things,” a postfrontier novel in which immigration, reproduction, and place intersect. Set in Wyoming and India, it chronicles two Indian families who live within an extended family in rural Wyoming. The novel is told in an experimental style—in first and second person. The landscape of the American West is the framework of this different kind of pioneer narrative. The novel is set in the 1980s—and some research into the time period will also be a plus.

A component of the novel will focus on women’s health and reproductive assistance. I will be using the Pregnancy, Adoption, and Loss and the Abortion, Birth Control, Contraception, and Family Planning collections at the Schlesinger Library.

I am looking for students interested in the history of the American West, womanist and feminist studies, and Asian American immigrant narratives. This project is in its early stages, so students will have a chance to provide insightful contributions via research.