The "Dramatic" in Medieval Liturgy

Medieval Studies

In my Radcliffe work I am working on "the dramatic" (as opposed to "drama") in medieval liturgy, setting individual institutions at the center of my study. The kind of work for which I would welcome a student research partner could be focused according to the interests of the student, but I would place work on medieval manuscript sources of the liturgy at the center. Those manuscripts might be here at Harvard, or visible using online digital images or microfilms in a Harvard library. The specialized skills the research partner would need are above all linguistic: enough basic Latin—or interest in developing it—to be able to orientate themselves when working through images of manuscript sources. And then enthusiasm and interest in the liturgy.

The ways in which a student research partner would benefit from this work include:
(a) experience of working with medieval manuscript sources, especially liturgical; learning how to work with a manuscript source; and
(b) orientation in the field of medieval studies broadly described, on the nature and transmission of texts and/or (depending on the student’s skills and interests) on the history of cathedrals and monasteries.