An Endless Prison

Spanish Literature and Political History/Cinema and Video Installation/Repression/Oral History

"An Endless Prison" is a video installation exploring contemporary Spain's geography and landscapes through the places where the Franco regime implemented and developed its repression during its first years in power (1939 to late 1940s, all over the Spanish territory). The portrait of these locations nowadays, with the addition of fragments of survivors' memoirs, will propose an exercise of historic reenactment and collective political memory.

The research partner will participate in archive research regarding repression after the Spanish civil war, helping to map and identify the actual locations and possible visual records of those practices. The research partner will also help research published and unpublished memoirs addressing these events. In a more general perspective, the research partner will approach how cinema, visual arts, and autobiographical literature have testified other prosecution and extermination periods and regimes. In a second stage of the project, the student will collaborate in the design and production of an art installation and a website linked to the project.

Through the process the research partner will get experience in archival research, Spanish language and literature, and social and political history of Spain. The research partner will also get experience regarding the cinematographic and artistic representation of political prosecution and extermination. The student will benefit the artistic project by his or her work as researcher and his or her proposals regarding the creative discussions and decisions during the design and production of an installation and a website.

The research partner must be able to read and understand Spanish; should like archival and online research (any experience/skills in research are welcome); and have an interest in Spanish language and literature and contemporary history of Spain, as well as interest in creative, artistic cinema, and visual arts fields. Additional skills in design and web programming are welcome.