Enemy of the State and Auschwitz and State Security

Creative Nonfiction/History

I am looking for a research partner who reads German well to work with me on two articles about the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The first is a great story about a young German actor who ran a smuggling ring to help dissidents defect from the GDR in the 1960s/70s/80s. He was a real thorn in the Stasi‘s side, deliberately sticking his finger in their eyes whenever he could. He ran and took part in quite a number of daring and successful operations. As repayment (using intel gathered from his wife, who betrayed him), the Stasi attempted to assassinate him on three separate occasions, including two attempts outside of Germany. It's an exciting international spy story with geopolitical import.

The second article is about the efforts of East German intelligence to hunt Nazis after the Second World War, examining not only their operational methods, but the various ways they put the gathered intelligence to use.

These projects will be interesting and beneficial to students with an interest in German and/or Cold War history, journalism, or creative nonfiction. Reading German is a must.