Exploration of Methods for Novel High-Throughput Screens for Metabolic Pathway Engineering

Biochemical Engineering/Biological Engineering/Synthetic Biology

My research is focused on engineering microbial hosts (primarily E. coli and S. cerevisiae) for production of small molecules. A primary challenge we encounter is the lack of effective screens to be used for high-throughput (HT) evaluation of strain libraries. My project aims to identify new approaches that could be used to address this limitation.

A research partner would work with me to explore the primary literature to understand the current state of the art and opportunities for improvement with HT screens. In addition to identifying analytical methods, we would examine the methods currently used to generate diversity with respect to protein and strain engineering, to best understand how the methods would be integrated. The student would be responsible for conducting literature searches, reading primary papers, discussing results with me, and writing summary reports.

Interested applicants should have basic knowledge of molecular biology (relevant to gene expression) and general chemistry.

I look forward to the opportunity to interact with bright Harvard undergraduate students. While the focus of this project is centered on the literature, there would be an opportunity for an interested student to conduct wet lab research in my lab at MIT during the 2015–2016 academic year.