A Fearful Symmetry

Poetry/New Media

“A Fearful Symmetry” uses the typewritten correspondence between filmmaker Hollis Frampton and poet Ezra Pound (1956–1958) as the basis for a digitally animated epistolary poem that enacts a complex drama of a modernist discipleship gone awry. The finished web-based video work will straddle the boundaries around writing, reading, speaking, and hearing. My research into the Frampton-Pound archive has revealed a trove of material on the complex dynamics of male artistic authority and the particular pitfalls of discipleship, charisma, and mimicry in the formation of a creative life in the mid-20th century. I wish to use the pared back but highly expressive means of animated text as the vehicle for enacting the poem’s drama, which draws on the stylized linguistic jousting displayed in the letters. The project is a creative exploration of recent critical research I have done into Frampton’s translations of language to cinema.

I'd like to collaborate with a research partner who is interested in typography, design, and motion graphics/animation. The research partner would need to have skills using Flash, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Premiere for editing/compositing. Knowledge of computer programming would also be helpful as I am interested in using the generation of random code in the piece. I would like to develop both the visual character of the project and the animation style with my collaborator. She or he would be working as an art director on the project, and I would want someone who has a desire to collaborate and test out her or his ideas with me. I'm really open to another's ideas/aesthetics/perspectives on things and enjoy the spirit of synergy in making something together.


2015–2016 research partnership opportunities