Five Scarves: Doing the Impossible—If We Can Reverse Cell Fate, Why Can’t We Redefine Success for Women?


Research has shown that women’s empowerment and gender equality have catalytic effects on human development, good governance, sustained peace, and harmonious relationships between the environment and human populations. However, percentages of women in academia are low across the globe. As a female, Muslim, Arab scientist having worked in various cultures, I want to document the challenges that women face in academia; how that varies across cultures, religions, and disciplines; and how women have dealt with these challenges in different ways. I will discuss how our similar and/or different experiences have shaped different meanings of success for women. The book will offer a unique opportunity to learn about and from each other, share solutions, and build understanding to showcase role models of female academics globally and to create a network of communication and collaboration to bring about more peace in the world through science.

I am looking for a research partner to help with gathering and citing references, editing and proof reading, transcribing recorded interviews, and organizing images and information. The student will read the book and discuss ideas with me, as well as help with social media.

The student will gain skills in writing a book and arranging thoughts and ideas; finding and reading references related to my topic; and learning about other cultures, religions, and backgrounds.