Going Live! Music, Media, and the Technologies of Black Ecstasy

Music/Media/Technology Studies/Ethnic Studies/Religious Studies

The project seeks to uncover how Internet memes, gifs, and videos, while circulating virtually and virally, offer various forms of social critique that digitally materialize race and belief.

I would like to work with research partners on two dimensions of this project:

  1. reviewing the scholarly literature that attends to questions of race and belief in media and technology studies
  2. tracing, collecting, and organizing hundreds of digital artifacts to be used in presentations and publications.

While providing crucial support to this research endeavor, student partners will get hands on experience doing digital humanities research. The project combines music, media, and technology studies with an interest in race and belief. Students with interests and/or strengths in any of the aforementioned fields would be prepared to make significant contributions to this work.