Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Reservation History in the 19th Century

History/Native American and Indigenous Studies/Ethnic Studies/Government/History and Literature/Social Studies

I am working on a book that tells the story of a reservation community, Buffalo Creek, in western New York State. My research focuses on the community’s origins in the midst of the Revolutionary War and traces its development through 1825 as the state of New York and the city of Buffalo were taking shape. I am looking for a research partner who will help me identify maps, images, newspaper coverage, and material culture related to the reservation and surrounding Seneca (and broader Haudenosaunee) communities during this time period.  The research partner will then work with me to select particular items that will be the subject of further focused research. This research will reinforce the representation and interpretation of material culture within the book and will identify images that can be used in the publication. 

I am looking for a research partner with basic familiarity with Native American history, and background in 18th and 19th century US history is desirable. Someone who enjoys detective work, is skilled at navigating library and museum collections, and pays meticulous attention to detail will be well suited for this research partner position. The research partner will have an opportunity to see a study about American Indians in the 19th century take shape, and through this process learn about the practice of researching and writing American Indian history. This work will expose the student to research methods and ethics, as well as interpretation and analysis that is informed by scholarship in both Native American and indigenous studies and history.


2015–2016 research partnership opportunities