"I Was the President's Mistress!!"—A Novel of Sex, Power, and Corruption

Creative Writing

I am looking for an avid, critical reader who is keen to learn about writing and publishing. A knack for research is required, as well as an interest in the fields of feminist studies, pop culture, and/or developmental studies. I will need the student's help in research, fact-checking, proof-reading, and creating online material that would play with the fictionality of my book's protagonists. Because I am examining the possibilities contemporary digital media bring to conventional publishing, I need an assistant who is comfortable with technology and social media. While erudition is necessary, it must also include at least an open-mindedness toward genre fiction, comics, TV, cheesy music, subcultures, and unconventional forms of storytelling—all of which inform my work.

Besides assisting me with research and the formation of my novel, the student's participation will give me the opportunity to examine my work from his or her perspective, which I hope is that of my ideal reader. A student with interest in feminist studies will also be vital, because my novel is from the point of view of a female protagonist and explores gender issues through parody and satire. And because I am slow to adapt to quickly changing contemporary technology and social media, a tech-savvy student will expand the possibilities for my novel as a work that is not confined strictly to paper and ink.

I will be able to share with the student my years of experience in journalism, writing, and publishing. I bring a perspective that includes East and West, First World and Third World—and the possibilities of taking from and blending each together. My work is also informed as much by so-called literary fiction as it is by pop culture, and I hope to be able to explore with the student the fascinating overlaps, tensions, and opportunities of writing in this way.