In Search for Extraterrestrial Bio-signatures


The aim of this project is to explore and develop observational techniques to detect signatures of potential biomarkers in the atmospheres of exoplanets.

As a research partner, the student will work closely with me to investigate the best ways to detect bio-signatures in the atmospheres of other planets like Earth using instruments installed in the upcoming generation of giant telescopes on the ground and in space. I am especially looking for students with a physics, astronomy, computer science, or engineering sciences background and interest in exoplanets or planetary science.

This experience will provide an exciting first taste of state-of-the-art research for students interested on pursuing a career in science. They will acquire knowledge and skills that will be key for their future development as researchers. The experience will also expose them to how different science fields interact, and to how much there is still to learn about the universe and our role and place in it.