Interpreting Early Islamic Law: Texts, Courts, Politics

Law and History/Computer Science


I am looking for one or more research partners to help collect, categorize, and translate decisions from early Islamic courts and then upload them to an online portal. I am also interested in one or more research partners to help build a database to house those decisions, and for computer science students to come up with creative ways to display/visualize the results: including mapping data onto geographical maps, timelines, and social networks that change over time.

Some students should have knowledge of the Arabic language, or Persian language, and library research. They should be able to enter documents into FileMaker and upload documents onto an online platform. Other students should have ideas and ability to do data visualizations from a data set.

I will benefit by being able to build a dataset and analyze trends within the data in new and exciting ways.

Students will learn research methods in Islamic law and history, gain exposure to digital law and humanities, and be able to learn and discuss research methods.