Longa Noite (A Long Night)

Cinema/Video/Editing/Image and Sound Postproduction/Visual and Environmental Studies

The film Longa noite proposes an exhaustive work with night scenes in nature, with darkness, off-screen and sound design playing a prominent role. The movie also focuses on language, present through letters that are written and recited by the characters along the film.

The student will be participating in the editing of the film on one hand, mainly in assistant editor's tasks: loading shooting materials, sound synchronization, preliminary image and sound editing, and other tasks related to the editing and workflow of digital cinema material (both sound and image). On the other hand and during the second stage of the project, she or he will be collaborating in postproduction tasks such as color correction, sound design, and mixing or subtitling.

Through the process she or he will get experience in digital cinema editing and postproduction tasks, going into detail about a stage that is becoming more and more important in digital cinema. By assisting in the research, the student will benefit the film project by his or her work and proposals regarding the editing of the material. The research partner will benefit from exploring practical tools in the making of a film, such as image and sound editing tools, but also the creative discussions, crucial decisions, and screen-rewriting happening in the editing room.

Interest in the creative, artistic cinema field is necessary. Basic skills include editing tools such as Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro. Skills and interest in digital cinema postproduction are also welcome but not necessary (color correction, Da Vinci, Pro-tools knowledge welcome).