Meeting of Waters

Visual Art

The proposed installation is an inquiry into two different modes of material culture production: the manufacturing of mass-produced goods in the free trade zone of Manaus in the Amazon forest, and the traditional ways of making practiced by the indigenous communities in the region. The work interrogates the ways each of these production modes engage the body of the maker and the surrounding environment, and the use and value assigned to the objects produced.

The research partner will work with me on all phases of the project: research, design, fabrication, and installation. The project will culminate in an exhibition and public event. The project will involve mold casting, basket weaving, and basic fabrication with cardboard. Students with previous knowledge of such skills are preferred.

The project employs nontraditional art materials which require the development of alternative fabrication techniques. The project may benefit immensely from the student's creative problem-solving insights. The student will have the opportunity to witness, and engage with, all phases of a new body of work developing inside the studio.