Negative Space

Visual Art

Working loosely through the lens of science fiction I am currently creating a multi-part project consisting of a series of video installations, sculptures, drawings, and a book published by Dancing Foxes Press. The planned exhibitions and catalogues are gathered under the title “Negative Space.” As a whole, the project proposes a feminist materialist re-orientation of a speculative present. The “Negative Space” cycle sets up a dialogue between ecological fragility, marginalized bodies, and the ways in which land use, territories, property, and borders systematically disempower those with and without access to them. The project voices an alternative to the current state of queer and migrant politics that advocate for equality through assimilation. While working at the Radcliffe Institute I will be focused on the second chapter of five. This project is organized around chapters with the themes: sun, water, land, body, and the void. The first and already completed chapter, “A Smeary Spot,” is the central work representing the “sun” and introduces the cosmology of “Negative Space.” For the second chapter I will be focused on the theme “body.”

With the video component of the project I will mostly need help from a research partner on costumes, esthetics, and props along with coordinating the production of video shoots that will occur in November and December. I also will need help logging, clipping, and organizing video footage. For the book project I will need assistance collecting and organizing texts and images to be prepped for publishing. And with the sculptures, it will be useful to have a research partner with some mold making skills, and general building knowledge. At times I will just need a second pair of hands to help move and produce more complex works.

Because my practice is diverse in form and content, there is a wide range of skills and activities I would be engaging the research partner in. While I'd like someone who is well organized and has some of the (above noted) skills, I expect I will be training them to be more competent as a materials and content researcher, a builder, and coordinator/producer for large-scale projects. All incredibly useful skills for them to have as a future artist's assistant or as they develop on their own into a professional artist.