New Poems (Dark Traffic) and Creative Nonfiction Research (Innuŋuaq)

Literature/Creative Nonfiction/Poetry/Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Anthropology/Arctic Studies/Native American Studies

My projects include research in several different fields as I’ve yet to delineate how these projects will inform each other. I’m interested in summaries of correspondence, drafts, and the papers of Jean Valentine and Adrienne Rich. I also hope to review and compile research on the ways in which dominant culture—particularly anthropology, and PhD dissertations on my family’s home of King Island, Alaska, and other places in the Inuit Arctic/Subarctic which were completed by Harvard anthropology doctoral candidates—represent arctic indigenous women and often reduce our humanity to symbols rather than lives. I’m secondarily interested in the role we Inuit women have in the Arctic of the superpowers, namely any work related to the American, Russian, and Canadian Arctic. It would be helpful for prospective research assistants in creative nonfiction/anthropology to have reading proficiency in Russian or French.