Prayers for the People: Homicide and Humanity in the Crescent City

Anthropology/Urban Studies/Black Studies

“Prayers for the People: Homicide and Humanity in the Crescent City” is a book project examining the religious work of African Americans in New Orleans who mourn and memorialize the dead, and who attend in particular to the young black men who are most frequently the victims of homicide. Using historical, ethnographic, and auto-ethnographic research and writing methods, the book identifies a larger system of social death and erasure, particularly well illuminated in the decade since Hurricane Katrina. The book then traces the ways in which residents assert black social and spiritual value, particularly through sustaining practices of kinship and relatedness, extended across and beyond bounded notions of time, place, and possibility.

I am looking for a research partner to help with reading and note taking for literature reviews, creation of annotated bibliographies, archival research and fact checking, interview transcribing, reference and citation database management, website development, digital photo and some video editing, the preparation of mixed media presentations, organizing materials and resources, and building out draft syllabi and related materials.

This broad and interdisciplinary book project (anthropology, urban studies, and black studies) will benefit from an organized research partner (preferably with experience in one or more of these fields and with strong writing skills) who can assist with literature review, the creation of annotated bibliographies, archival research, and reference and citation database management (RefWorks). The assistance will insure the timely completion of the project, while also providing the fellow with additional time and flexibility for more exploratory writing and related projects. The research partner will be able to contribute to the development of an academic work and book project, gaining skills in interdisciplinary research and writing as well as overall project management.