Queer Death

Visual Arts/Film/Theater

At Radcliffe I will begin a new series of interdisciplinary art works. I will be developing the idea of “queer death” by asking questions about self-determination, mutual aid, the fantasy of continuity, and accountability. I will be thinking through the lens of LGBTQ history of kinship and care and the socialites and materialities of surviving and dying on the planet in our contemporary times. The works will develop out of a multidisciplinary field that includes 21st century history of social movements, public health, queer theory, palliative care, anthropology, feminist art history, gender studies, performance art, and theater. My research partner will help research in these diverse disciplines.

I am looking for a producer/assistant who can help lay the groundwork for this multiyear project. You will be researching widely and acting as a producer and assistant in the production of objects, images, texts, videos, exhibitions, and performances. As this is the beginning of the series, the student will have the chance to be a part of building the initial questions, vocabularies, materialities, and methodologies, from initial idea through to presentation.

Over the course of the year I will be working on the central long-term project as well as mounting performances and exhibitions in several venues. The student will learn about project development, exhibition planning/design, and maintenance of an interdisciplinary studio practice. Collaboration has long been a central component of my practice; I enjoy working with others to develop questions and new vocabularies, so my research partner(s) will also learn to manage relationships with collaborators.

The student with whom I'd like to work would have a curious mind, a problem solver’s acumen, a sense of humor, have experience as an assistant or producer, and be able to make creative leaps in thought. Desirable: strong research and writing skills, administrative and managerial experience, skill with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Knowledge of theater and theater history a plus.