The Reconstruction of American Democracy, 1860–1920

US History

This book-length research project examines the growth of progressive constitutionalism, state formation, and citizenship during the long reconstruction of American democracy, starting with the destruction of slavery during the Civil War and ending with the passage of the 19th Amendment. By recasting the 19th Amendment as part of Reconstruction-driven constitutional change rather than a reform of the Progressive era, it illuminates its forgotten antislavery origins. It will interrogate how constitutional reform expanded as well as constricted possibilities for the emancipation and enfranchisement of different groups.

The research partner for this project will learn how to conduct historical research in the archives (mostly Houghton Library) and conduct digital research in various databases. The research partner should then get hands-on experience in historical method and research under my guidance as well as learn about the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. It would be particularly apt training for students in history and political science and those seeking careers in history, the law, and politics.