Redistricting: Math Meets Civil Rights

Mathematics/Political Science/Law

There will be opportunities for many different kinds of research to support this project: first of all in pure math, computing, and tool development (e.g., software); but also through connections with urban geography and planning, sociology, social studies of science, and critical race theory.

Since the larger project is so interdisciplinary, there are many kinds of relevant skills and background: everything from geometry to GIS to network science to legal research to political theory to community organizing. Interested students should make a case for the relevance of their background to the gerrymandering problem. It's a sprawling project with many entry points and many ways to contribute.

Students have been excellent sounding boards and collaborators so far. Students will join a cross-disciplinary network of scholars and practitioners working on solutions for abusive and undemocratic redistricting practices. In addition, there should be potential for publishable work.